"Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man." - Plato

Our Story

   Born out of the comfort of the old neighborhood grocery where everyone knows you.
   Our story: our store, was created from the childhood memories of growing up on a farm in rural Arkansas, Stratton’s Store founded in the 1920’s was located on the old highway 65 South heading towards Mississippi.  Neighbours and visitors would stop in to buy a coke and some peanuts, sit on the stoop and visit a bit, with many a sandwich made mostly of salami, bologna or ham and cheese, enjoyed in the big rocking chairs, resting their cares away after a long day in the field.
     The store was small and cozy.  The grocer knew you and could get you what you needed.  There were not a ton of brands but what supplied the farm, farmers, families and travelers.  Grocery shopping wasn't a chore it was a relaxing time to visit with your neighbors.  We decided to make our way back and bring this relaxed comfortable experience to downtown Little Rock
Featuring fine wines, spirits, craft beers, groceries, fresh produce, and local products.  We are open Monday through Saturday.  
Come and relax, pick up you groceries, a bottle of wine or your favorite spirit.